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Mint on the Rocks by Pulp 10ml: 6mg

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Mint on the Rocks by Pulp 10ml

Mint on the Rocks is manufactured by the award winning French brand 'Pulp'. Authentic tasting menthol tobacco vapes are notoriously difficult to replicate. Most of our customers have tried many unpalletable versions and are often close to giving up on their search for the perfect vape until we put forward those options which we stock.

When Purity stopped manufacturing Menthol Ice and Menthol V, we knew that we would have many unhappy customers that had grown to be dependent on those e-liquids. And so our search for replacements began! After testing many brands, we finally found direct replacements from Pulp.

Mint on the Rocks is our direct replacement for Purity's Menthol Ice. This e-liquid literally flows with minty freshness, and has that ideal quality you should expect from a premium brand - a fulfilling and freshening taste on every last vape. The prominent flavour on the inhale is that of freshly picked mint, and this flavour is retained for a considerable time afterwards. This juice has an icy quality about it - a cool, but pleasant taste that just adds furthermore to the freshness packed inside this bottle. This vape has proven to be a winner amongst those customers new to vaping, looking to replicate their old smoking experience.

30 VG/70 PG

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