Welcome to Tank Puffin

Here at Tank Puffin we bring you the finest choice of e-juice on the market. All of our premium e-juices are TPD compliant. We have over 100 flavours with brands such as VaporFi, Purity, Vampire Vape, ZAP!, Eco Vape, Cosmic Fog and Element. We are a London based company with our shops located in Epping and Chigwell.

The goal of this business is to stop people from smoking tobacco cigarettes by switching to e-cigarettes - we all know how bad traditional analogue cigarettes are for our bodies. One of the most enjoyable parts of Vaping is trying all of the different flavoured e-liquids and finding your favourite, from sweet and fruity to savoury and traditional.

Our high quality e-liquids will most definitely tantalise your taste buds and keep those cravings at bay. Tank Puffin strives to identify responsible e-juice manufacturers that are focused on maintaining their integrity through emphasis on the quality and purity of their e-liquid. We stock high VG options, high PG options, and everything in between. Our wide range of unique blends will keep you captivated and stop you from ever smoking again.

Our range of unique flavours includes a variety of fruits, some delicious gourmet recipes, a number of menthol blends as well as some authentic & alternative tobacco options. Vaping as opposed to smoking normal cigarettes is hugely beneficial. There is a vast price difference - it is substantially cheaper to vape compared to the cost of buying cigarettes. E-cigarettes used in conjuction with premium quality e-juice are also an incredibly healthier alternative.

E-liquid is universal and can be used to refill both cartomizers and tanks. Tank Puffin offers a range of different e-cigarettes to suit all levels of vapers from beginners to pros - eGo style e-cig starter kits, variable battery devices, high wattage box mods and more.

Be sure to check out Tank Puffin for our colossal range of e-liquid and warranted devices.

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